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What is Legacy

The global publication industry - be it literary, news, sports, business, etc is dominated and controlled by few major players and most of them are biased. A citizen rarely gets to read the actual happenings around and are subjected to what the powerful wants us to read.

But things are about to change...

With Legacy we are giving this power of owning a publication to you. To the citizens of this country. Be it a literary magazine, political publication, sports publication, entertainment and lifestyle publication, etc anyone can start his/her own publication in both digital and print format and invite our community of 30,000+ writers to contribute and grow.

"Legacy" is our most ambitious project for you, and if done right, will give an individual power like none.

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Features In Legacy


Sourcing of content from 25000+ to 30000+ writers on the platform

The best part. You get to source content for your publication from our pool of 25,000+ writers on your preferred topic... know more


ERP - (Team management, Review management)

Manage your team, add more members, and review submissions all under one belt... know more


Publication listing on Kalaage

'Get your publication listed on Kalaage for writers and readers to subscribe and follow... know more


Submission Management System

An in-house system to manage all the submissions... know more


Monthly Newsletter Blast

Once a month newsletter blast to all member about your publication... know more


Revenue generation through sponsored Content

Another best part, will also provide you with revenue options for your publication... know more

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Benefits of 'Legacy'

The awesomeness of this is unimaginable, still we are listing out amazing benefits of it:


Contributions from 30,000+ writers

You get to source original and creative content from our pool of 30,000+ writers on the topic of your choice. In short, you get to decide the content you want.


Earn money through your publication

Yes, your heard it right. Kalaage will provide with various business opportunities with which you can monetize your publication.


Both Digital and print version

Not only do you get to start your digital publication, but also see it come out in print. Cool right?.

Plans and Pricing

Pay Month


Publication listing on Kalaage.
Monthly email blast.
Submission Management System
Team Mangement System
Review stream integration
Review Management System
Social media promotions
Sourcing od content from 25000+ to 30000+ writers (unlimited)