What Everyone Must Know About the Benefits of Vacation!
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This blog is about learning the benefits / advantages of going on a vacation

It is obvious from the topic that I have chosen is clearly to talk about myriad benefits one could get from giving oneself a break from the hectic, monotonous routine life and its redundant effects which will affect your productivity both professionally and personally.

You prefer to go solo or with your family to spend your holidays, this is completely your choice.

Every year I would visit my grandparents, a small village where they lived. But after their death, I actually dreaded going to the place with their memories only to find that they wouldn’t be there anymore.

Finally, I went there after 25 years to visit my mother’s native place, all the memories I had with that place and my grandparents, they all kept coming back. Obviously, with time many things changed, but I am glad to find few places and people were just the same as they were.

Having said this, I would like to mention that a shorter get-a-way means benefits for the shortest time period. The more the days you holiday, the more the better you will experience the benefits that I have enlisted below.

  • Improves sleep
  • Improves your heart health
  • Increases your reflex action
  • Increases your productivity
  • Provides relaxation to the body and mind
  • Reduces stress, fights off depression
  • Improves relationship and family bonding
  • Brings new adventure, thrills and fun activities
  • Enhances social skills
  • Learn new about yourself
  • Increases cognitive flexibility (transition from one thought to another thought literally enhances your creativity)
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Boosts immune system

There are few other intangible benefits that you are unlikely to see but will definitely witness them. For example, your kid has the best behavior with people at home and school. You and your family members have long lasting memories from the trip to keep reminiscing and creating strong family bond and overall happiness which will charge you up to keep going against the unexpected struggles or challenges ahead. Your productivity at work increases. Finally, it may even help you to attain work-life balance.

Think about it, different place and lifestyle makes you realize what you were missing and sometimes even make you realize what you had already but took it for granted. When you meet different people and know their struggles / success stories will have you think life with new perspective and can even change your thoughts positively.

If you are fitness conscious person and freak with the idea of gaining few pounds while you holiday, you can even spare 60-80 minutes workout (of your choice) if you feel a long vacation could take toll on your health. But, it certainly should involve cheat days too.

You will be petrified when your vacation will be ending with the thought of going back to work on Monday or whatever your routine is. If your experiencing bliss during the vacation outweighs the Monday blues, then by all means you should first plan, then pack and poof (go)!

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