The Devil's Ordeal
1 week ago

Rimjhim Vasher

Living in my own mind, sneaking glances at reality through my pen.

Rimjhim Vasher

Living in my own mind, sneakin...



He could hear his screams from across the room; the cries for hunger, for the relief of pain that would never come. He could hear his limbs giving in to the weight of this life. He could hear the screams of his wife and children crying out to him. He could hear the mewling little spawns of devil picking at his eyes and his nose and nibbling away at his tongue. His breath grew shallower with every passing second, yet not fast enough. And he could hear his family crying for his death now. How quickly their prayers had changed once they saw him, standing on the edge of this world. If it were upto his wife, she would have pushed him herself, yet she could do no such thing, for her hands were tied by the lives of her children. Every one told her it was an evil thing to do, and her husband told her it was the right thing to do. Even the priest said that it was her duty to follow her husband, and now that she had, she stood at the gates of hell, with her arms open and yet the devil would not take her. It took her husband instead. It was said that the devil takes what’s dearest to you, and for most, it was their lives; the promises it held. But for Jenny it was her husband’s life that the devil chose. And She could hear his skin peel away, and the smell of burning flesh filled the empty rooms of her broken home. She cried, for she couldn’t bear it. She cried, till she couldn’t bear it, and then she collapsed in front of her children. But the devil would not let her die in peace, and so, he arose her. He held her, arms and legs stretched across over his withering body, and she looked at his eyes. She should not have, for she saw what he saw, she saw the fire of hell, and cold depths of his broken soul, she saw his failing spirit, and she saw how he would have killed his own children in that moment if it would have saved him from this agony. She was cold and pale, and, so, the devil being the Angel that he was, brought her closer to his body, so she could warm herself from the fire that was burning his flesh slowly. He could see her breaking, and he could see her dying too, just like her husband. And then he saw her reach across the empty space towards her dying husband. And she touched his heart, for she could see it as the flesh had all burned away, and now the crow was nibbling at his heart. She saw and knew that he was alive, he could feel every nibble, every peck, every sensation on his body. And so, she pierced her chest, held her own heart in her feeble hands. He could feel the blood dripping down on him. She held her heart, and screamed as she pulled it out. The crows screeched, and the spawns screamed, and the snakes whiskered away as she kept her heart next to his. The devil looked at the scene playing out in front of his eyes with fascination. And he looked at her, as she bled, drop by drop, breath by breath. He looked at her as she smiled with her last breath and then he saw. He saw her husband relax, give in to his fate. He saw him collapse, just like that, falling in to the depths of hell. The whole house was filled with the screams of the children, and the screeches of his pets. And he looked at the lovers. That night, the devil went down on his knees, and prayed. He prayed for forgiveness, and he prayed for the soul of two lovers who would never unite. 

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