The Death Song of Crow
5 months ago



Frighteningly Hearing the Caw of Crow

At catastrophic night Felt like the God of death, Thanatos has arrived at the doorstep furiously waiting for my unilluminated spirit,

Remembering all the sevenly sins that I committed,

Listening to the laugh of Dolos, the God of lies

Of whom I became the devoted disciple,

Recalling the calamitous night where I had the deal

With Mephistopheles,

Where all I could see was the God of love , sex and fertility , Venus

Where I couldn't learn a lesson from the tragic life of Dr. Faustus, where lust and greed prevailed,

Where the pursuit of power dominated my fragile mind,

Crow's melodious caw

Enticingly singing the song of death

Showing the Tartarus ruled by the underworld god

Hades, and the glance of garden of Eden which I rejected followed by my gloomy desires.

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