My Girl?
1 year ago


#Poem #love

Whither art thou, my love?

I have looked for you on Mount Olympus too

Have met the deity of love, Aphrodite

But couldn’t find that spark in her that I see in you

Hath the glance of Helen of troy

But her beauty has faded in front of yours

Hath I conquered the great Greek warrior Achilles

Thought he could capture you,

I have headed to the hell through darkness too

Maybe Satan could have seduced you

But the power of love made through the hell of darkness

Tell me where are you girl?

I am falling

Diving in the deep ocean

Looking for you there too

Wait, is this the God of sea, Poseidon

Is he trying to hit my love with power of flood

But don’t you worry my girl

I am falling

Diving in the deep ocean

Though, he couldn’t stand anymore

That the power I have got from you

Is this Amphitrite, the goddess of sea

Still she, Nereus and dorius

Couldn’t possess the beauty you do

Tell me where are you my girl

I am faintly falling

Diving in the deep ocean

My girl?


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