Hallow Silence
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nnN.B: This poem is written to describe the Islamicnterrorists of Kashmir and the sad plight of Indian soldiers and securitynpersonnel. nn

The moment had come for last assault,

The snakes swallowing our milk,

Sucking the nations blood,

Breathing oxygen but poisoning the air,

By venomous faith and preaching.

Connected to best of support and love;

Our softness and love is altered,

By separatists and terrorists, nursed very carefully, 

However, given nation, severe pain and death;

In youth cut the life journey,

Of innocent, soldiers and Hindus;

There no help, to hold their body and load,

Bidding their bye and wishing bliss to all,

Untimely they wrapped in tri-colour.


From love to gold, showered on them;

But fully aware, used deadly IED,

Learned from their Holy books and sermons;

Thrown like the withered leaves, to meet death,

It dawned on them of others cut breath,

They heard, secularists, giving false hope,

Of peace, safety and brotherhood;

But it was all tongue twisting.

The final call had now come sudden and fast.

The nation listened to the ghastly blast,

All rushed to the site on that dark day,

Our senses leaving no courage; and us

Only blame the poor destinys last call had come.

Divine light was pouring on their face.


They uttered no final parting words,

Dear countrymen our tongue has failed we are going.

Their bodies were kept in the coffins,

Gave a parting salute, putting wreaths;

Bit by bit but suddenly shaking the nation.

Nation prayed, O Lord make their route,

Their journey to You with Your blessings,

Confer your promised Greetings and Grace;

Your benevolent Love and hold their head;

Embrace them; take them in Your fold

Their lips and eyes were closed,

They could not pronounce and utter their God,

To Seek His Mercy and Grace.

All left and returned to sleep in Hallow Silence.


N.B: This poem is written to describe the Islamic terrorists of Kashmir and the sad plight of Indian soldiers and security personnel.



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Assef Ali

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Assef Ali

2 months ago

Bhakk bhosdike

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