Don't want to give you back!
1 year ago

Batul Kagalwala

An ambidextrous mother of three in a quest for sleep, sanity, and good chocolate!

Batul Kagalwala

An ambidextrous mother of thre...


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A tribute to the mothers of the martyred soldiers. 

Wrote this poem long ago. During the Gaza attack. Can't stop imagining the pain of kin losing brave loved ones to such dastardly acts.

Come my baby ..let me hold your juddering body against mine and soothe it . Didnt my voice always calm you down?

Come my cherub, let my tears wash away the blood stains from your perfect face and hope to see you smiling underneath. Didnt you always come running to me with soiled hands and grubby face?

Come my baby Let me press my ears against your tiny chest and hear your heart beat and pat it ever so gently for the thumps to slow down. Like I did when youd come running to me panting n puffing and trying to let out a story.

Come my sweetheart , let me tenderly remove the bullet from your hips, hoping to hurt you the least hoping to pull out the pain with it. Trust me if you will you did when i plucked out thorns, glass pieces and small stones from your tiny soles that carried you bare while were lost in play.

Come my angel let me rub your cold hands , till they are warm againlike they felt when u held my bosom right after I gave birth to you and you were placed on me.

Come my baby let me stroke you eyes and put you to sleepyou must be tired of crying .Do you remember how your pain always subsided with good rest?


But baby will you promise to wake up? I am not ready to give you back as yet. ..I never will be

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Assef Ali

2 months ago

Gaza? wtf

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