Affection And Expectation as An Infection
11 months ago



Casting the Mirage of Water in Desert and making it real is called Expectations,

Infection is the form of Expectations,

Expectation is another form of Satan 

And we are 'the modern eve' beguiled by the serpent.

It's the fruit of Eve's sin that we got another curse called expectations.

This curse gave birth to another curse called 'cain''

Who treacherously killed Abel and became 'fugitive and wanderer",

Where art thou Eve and Cain?

What hath thou all done?

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony,wrath and sloth

These 7 deadly sins?

Lucifer, you forget to add one more that's called expectations,

Satan, thou art calledst by many names?

Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, mammon, Asmodeus, leviathan,belphegor?

Why thou did not add one more name called expectations?. If expectations could take the form of Satan, then it could have over ruled everyone'.

If it could be on the basis of meritocracy, then it could have beaten aristocracy.

If Expectations could take the shape of human, then I bet Hitler would have been the disciple of it.

It was Jesus who pitied Pontius Pilate and let him order and arrest himself by Sanhedrin and finally crucified by Romans , they all were infected by the contagious corona virus in the form of expectations.

Wherefore art thou doing all this?

Can'tst wait for the second coming

Let's makest it happen quick,

And cast the magic spell

Oh my lord'The alpha and the Omega'

let Jacob and Israel knows your ressurection.

This doggedly expectations has already turned rampant and usurped many dreams,

Shattered them blatantly

Eradicating fragile happiness

It's enough, let's put an end to it and Dethrone it.

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