A New Role!
2 months ago


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This world’s quite a place!

A place full of pretence

Like all our lives are staged 

Like you just gotta play your part

The part that you didn’t even choose 

The part that seems mundane,

That doesn’t really make a change

Yet somehow, it’s all you’ve got! 

Somewhere along the way, 

You think of a new big role! 

A role, if you could play

Would change the whole tale. 

A role, if you could play

Will put you in the light

A role that you have longed for, 

But you fear the centre stage! 

So you stick to the old you, 

To a role forced upon you, 

and you watch ‘someone better’ 

Playing that better part! 

Oh my sweet child, 

It’s not who you are, 

Walk out of your cage, 

And try some new art! 

Who knows what may find you?

A new lesson or a new life, 

What do you loose, however, 

is just that trivial part! 

-Anshika Jain

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14 hours ago

Yes, it is like this - all pretenses! Pretensions gravitate to us in such revolting revolting way that we get submerged in it. And now is the time to get out of it.

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