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Kalaage not only allows you to freely interact with global community of writers and source original and unpublished content for publishing but also elaborately manage your team, host issues, get analytics, customise your publication page and much more.
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Kalaage for Publications

1Get Original Content

Through our TOSS A TOPIC feature, publications can open submissions and invite writers, already on Kalaage, to share their creative and unpublished stories for publishing.

2Submission Management System

Manage the submitted articles through our in-built Submission Management System and filter writers based on their profile and content.

3Work with your team

Invite all your team members on Kalaage and coordinate internally with them. Assign submissions and make work process more efficient.

4Host Issues

You can upload all your issues on Kalaage and also put them up for sale or just to find readers.

And more

A whole lot of features a publication needs

Source Content

With our in-build functionality - "Toss a Topic" publications can easily source content from writers on the platform on the topic of their choice.


Kalaage's submission management system makes it very easy for publications to manage and filter the sourced articles. It makes it easy to select the best ones to publish.

Issue upload

Host/Upload your issues on Kalaage and invite all the writers/followers to either purchase it or read it. All the issues are hosted on our cloud network.

Team management

Invite all your team to join Kalaage and manage all your work internally. Never miss a deadline and task with our internal team management system.


See the activities of your followers and monitor your growth. Track all activities related to your publication(s) with our analytics tools.


Create your own customized profile and make it accessible and visible to all the writers and followers.

Toss a Topic

Open up a call for submissions with your own rules. Set word limit, start date, end date and category. Receive only relevant submissions via tossing a topic.


Assign various or specific tasks to your team members. Tasks could range from reviewing a work or to even opening up submissions.

Response Templates

Directly interact with your writers/followers through customized response templates and give them personalized responses through our in-built templates.


Had never imagined that my article could get a lot of traction, let along it getting published in a leading newspaper. Kalaage is an innovation.

Getting published made super easy with Kalaage. Its now laid down to us like bed of roses.

Our corporation never could have resourced this effort with available personnel. With Kalaage, we achieved savings that would not otherwise have been possible.

eFiction India Publication on Kalaage

Had never imagined that my article could get a lot of traction, let along it getting published in a leading newspaper. Kalaage is an innovation.


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