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No, we are not just an author promotion and marketing company, but an entire platform dedicated to connect writers and publications. Kalaage is now supporting authors to increase their book awareness and reach via or community of 25,000 readers and writers..

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Our ‘YEAR LONG’ Marketing Plan For Authors

For the first time, we are introducing for authors our ‘Year Long’ Marketing program.

In this program we list, once every month, author’s books on our ‘Book Reviewer’ page where writers on Kalaage and other platforms are invited to post reviews.

In order to post reviews, the potential reviewers are required to buy the book. This ensures the organic sales of the book and also ample of reviews for the authors every month. The top three reviewers get various perks thus a strong incentive to post reviews.

In our ‘Year Long’ marketing plan, we will list authors’ books once every month for a total period of one year.

The Support We Provide To Authors

Interview in Kalaage Mag

Kalaage Mag is our monthly published print and digital magazine which has a circulation and reach of 35,000 people digitally. We will publish your full page interview in our print magazine.

Author Profile creation on Kalaage

Your author profile will get created on Kalaage with you bio and links to the books. Also, you will be able to add your articles and extracts of chapters on the platform and we will promote the same.

Book Launch via email blast

We will be doing your book launch via email. An emailer will get created with author bio, book link and will be blasted, twice a month, to all our 25,000+ users on Kalaage.

Interview on Kalaage Platform

Not only will we publish your interview in our ‘Kalaage Mag’ but also will promote and publish the same on our own platform.

Facebook and Instagram Post:

Will create one post each for facebook and instagram of the author and run promotional campaigns there as well.

Online writing competetion

Yes, this is what will give you engagement. We will create an online competition based on the theme of your book with giveaways and prizes to winners.

Our Pricing Structure

Half Yearly Marketing Plan


Interview in Kalaage Mag( one time )

Social media post (6 months)

Book Launch via email Email to 30,000+ Kalaage community (6 months)

Listing on Book Review Platforms (6 months)

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Yearly Marketing Plan


Interview in Kalaage Mag (twice in a year)

Social media post (one year)

Book Launch via email Email to 30, 000+ Kalaage community (one year)

Listing on Book Review Platforms (one year)

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